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About New York Farm Bureau




The mission of New York Farm Bureau is "To Serve And Strengthen Agriculture."


Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, volunteer organization financed and controlled by member families for the purpose of solving economic and public policy issues challenging the agricultural industry.


Farm Bureau‘s "grassroots" policy development process continues to ensure that the organization represents the majority position of its membership. Policy development begins at the county level with problem identification and culminates at the New York Farm Bureau Annual Meeting with resolutions addressing the issues.


Our success in implementing policies depends upon our active, well-informed membership guided by the efforts of many dedicated volunteer leaders.


Farm Bureau is the voice of New York agriculture. Farm Bureau will continue to meet the needs of those who make farming their livelihood and rural New York their home.



  • America's unparalleled progress is based on freedom and dignity of the individual, sustained by basic moral and religious concepts.
  • Economic progress, cultural advancement, ethical and religious principles flourish best where people are free, responsible individuals.
  • Individual freedom and opportunity must not be sacrificed in a quest for guaranteed "security."
  • We believe in government by legislative and constitutional law, impartially administered, without special privilege.
  • We believe in the representative form of government—a republic—as provided in our Constitution, in limitations on government power, in maintenance of equal opportunity, in the right of each individual to freedom of worship and in freedom of speech, press, and peaceful assembly.
  • Individuals have a moral responsibility to help preserve freedom for future generations by participating in public affairs and by helping to elect candidates who share their fundamental beliefs and principles.
  • People have the right and the responsibility to speak for themselves individually or through organizations of their choice without coercion or government intervention.
  • Property rights are among the human rights essential to the preservation of individual freedom.
  • We believe in the right of every person to choose an occupation; to be rewarded according to his contribution to society; to save, invest or spend; and to convey property to the next generation. Each person has the responsibility to meet financial obligations incurred.
  • We believe that legislation and regulations favorable to all sectors of agriculture should be aggressively developed in cooperation with allied groups possessing common goals.



Agriculture is New York‘s most important industry. The farm economy generated $4.45 billion in 2008. Farm income used for employee compensation ($461 million), maintenance and repairs ($180 million), property taxes ($223 million), marketing and transportation ($106 million), and energy costs ($267 million), according to 2007-08 data.


There are approximately 35,000 farms in New York State and 99 percent of those are family owned. A viable and strong agricultural industry is not only beneficial to the state‘s farm and food industry, but to the economy of the state, hundreds of local communities, and to all consumers of New York.


New York has a tremendous agricultural resource base with abundant rainfall, productive soil, sufficient growing season, and proximity to the nation’s largest markets. The outlook for the future of New York agriculture is one of great potential for a vigorous and thriving industry.