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NYFB Announces 2022 YF&R Competitive Events

The New York Farm Bureau State Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R) Program is excited to announce the 2022 Young Farmers and Ranchers Competitive Events - Achievement Award, Excellence in Agriculture Award and Discussion Meet.  All Young Farmers, 18-35 years of age as of Jan. 31, 2023 are encouraged to participate in these events to compete for recognition & prizes.  The winners of the New York State contests will represent New  York at the national contests in January 2023 held in Puerto Rico.

The Achievement Award recognizes young farmers for their farming pursuits and participation/ leadership within agriculture and their own community.  The ideal candidate(s) for the Achievement Award is an individual or married couple involved in production agriculture with a majority of their gross income subject to farm and/or ranch risks.   The judging of this award is based on: Personal Background 10 points, Scope of Farm/Ranch 10 points, Growth & Achievements 20 points, Management Decisions 15 points, Goals & Planning 10 points, Resiliency 10 points, Financial Success Part 1: Debt to Asset Ratio & Benefit 25 points, Financial Success Part 2: Analysis & Record Keeping 25 points, Financial Success Part 3: Off Farm Income 10 points, Leadership Experience: Farm Bureau 30 points, Leadership Experience: Other Organizations 10 points, Leadership Experience: Other 10 points, Leadership Growth and Development 10 points, Interview (Top 10 competitors only) 5 points; for Possible Total Points: 200 points.  Applicants complete a written application, which is judged to select up to 3 finalists who then revise their application and participate in an interview.

The Excellence in Agriculture Award is designed as an opportunity for young farmers to earn recognition while actively contributing and growing through their involvement in Farm Bureau and agriculture. The ideal candidate(s) for the Excellence for Agriculture Award is an individual or married couple who do not have the majority of their gross income from an owned production agriculture enterprise in any of the past three years.  Applicants complete a written application, which is judged to select up to three finalists who will give a virtual presentation of their application. Participants’ written application will be judged on: answers to application questions 2-4 (37.5%); Farm Bureau experience (30%); Other Leadership Experience, Awards and Recognition (20%); Goals (10%) and overall application form (2.5%).  The presentation is judged: Delivery of presentation (40%), Content of Presentation (30%) and Response to Questions (30%). The total score is based on the application (80%) and the presentation (20%).   

Up to three finalists, singles or married couples will be selected for both the Achievement Award and Excellence in Agriculture Award.  The finalists will compete for the opportunity to be named the NYFB 2022 Award Winner. For the NYFB Achievement Award winner, Kubota Tractor Corporation will provide up to 250 hours maximum free use of a M-Series Tractor. The loan period may not extend past Dec. 15, 2023. 

The Discussion Meet is a contest involving four to six participants, a moderator and relevant, controversial issues affecting agriculture.  It is an exercise in cooperative problem solving.  
This contest is designed to simulate a committee meeting where discussion and active participation are expected from each committee member.  The participants are scored on their effectiveness in bringing out all information the group has on the specific issue and how they work cooperatively to develop possible solutions.  

Registration to compete is required by July 15, 2022.  Contestant application and information on best practices for the Discussion Meet is also available on the New York Farm Bureau website: www.nyfb.org. 
The YF&R Competitive Event state winners and finalists will receive a cash award from the NYFB State Young Farmers & Ranchers program. On the national level, the winners of the New York contests will be able to compete for awards and prizes.  The national winners will be determined during the AFBF Young Farmers & Ranchers Competitive Event competitions in January 2023 in Puerto Rico. All national contestants in these programs will receive an inscribed plaque.

Application information is available on the NYFB website: www.nyfb.org  For more information on the NYFB Young Farmers and Ranchers program and competitive events contact your Field Advisor, yfr@nyfb.org or Patti Dugan, Manager, Member Engagement at 1-800-342-4143.   



The Topics for this Year’s  Discussion Meet contest:

1. How can Farm Bureau effectively support and equip young farmers and ranchers to successfully manage economic and infrastructure challenges to ensure healthy and sustainable farms and ranches across the country?

2. Due to current economic demands, many farmers and ranchers spend a lot of time outside the “fence rows” on off-farm jobs. How can Farm Bureau become more accessible and welcoming to members who are working in related fields and juggling responsibilities on and off the farm?

3. Climate has become a major topic among business leaders, policymakers and consumers. As an industry that depends on the weather, what role do we as farmers and ranchers play in shaping climate initiatives to benefit society overall as well as our own farms and ranches?

4. Advancements in autonomous equipment and drone technology offer solutions to challenges farmers and ranchers have faced for years. How can Farm Bureau improve access to, and help farmers and ranchers deploy, these emerging technologies on their operations?

5. Many external influences are causing supply chain disruption for agricultural goods. How can Farm Bureau reduce the impact of external influences through policy development and programming?