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NYFB Letter on Milk in NYC Schools


New York Farm Bureau President David Fisher expressed his concerns over the potential removal of flavored milk in New York City’s schools in a letter to New York City Mayor Eric Adams. President Fisher recognized the mayor’s concerns about wanting children to have healthy, nutritious meals, but stressed that research has shown that removing chocolate milk will actually reduce nutritional intake and increase food waste.

The letter reads in part, Our dairy farmers are proud to supply a wholesome product to school children all across New York, including New York City. There have been many studies that show the importance of dairy in children’s diets and the benefits of the vitamins it provides. Research has shown children who drink flavored milk consume more of the important nutrients related to healthy growth and development such as calcium, vitamin D, and potassium, in comparison to non-flavored milk drinkers. Additionally, studies have shown that flavored milk consumption is not connected with weight gain or even high total daily sugar intake in children.”

In the letter, President Fisher asked to meet with the mayor and his staff to discuss the issue as well as find common ground on how we can work together to source more New York State food into the city school system. The purchase of fresh, local food would benefit school kids as well as support New York’s family farms and reduce the environmental impact of food traveling from other states and countries.

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