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NYFB Safety Group Expands

Good news for New York Farm Bureau members who are looking to expand or join the NYFB Safety Group 486. The workers' comp program has added a new code for creameries and can also expand policy coverage to cannabis growers. This will provide the coverage you need along with the benefits and savings of being a part of the Safety Group that has decades of a proven track record and offers member support services.

New Class Code Added to NYFB Safety Group 486

We are happy to announce that Safety Group 486 is now writing Class Code 2070 – Milk Depot or Milk Dealer and Route Salespersons for those NYFB members engaged in processing raw milk to produce buttermilk (natural), cottage cheese, solid cheeses, and butter fall within the scope of this classification. Employers must have a farm as well to be eligible for workers’ compensation coverage through New York Farm Bureau.

Update on Cannabis Growing Operations

NYFB Safety Group 486 can write workers’ compensation for your cannabis growing operation. The same class codes are used for all agricultural crops – 0005 Nursery Employees; 0006 Farms NOC; and 0035 Florist-Cultivating or Gardening. If more than 50% of the payroll is in one of our authorized class codes, secondary manufacturing codes can also be written.

Safety Group 486 offers a competitive 25% upfront discount and industry standard group managers’ fee percentages as well as a 42% 5-year average dividend: significant savings for your operations. It’s your choice to place your coverage where you want it; there are no mandates governing what company you use for your workers’ compensation coverage.

Click here for more info on NYFB's Safety Group 486. Call our office today at 1-800-342-4143 or 518-436-8495 to speak with one of our NYFB Safety Group 486 representatives. Or email us at wcinfo@nyfb.org