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New York Farm Bureau Statement on NYS Agriculture Budget

New York Farm Bureau along with its partners in the Grow NY Farms Coalition released statements in response to the FY 2022-2023 State Budget agreement.

Statement from Grow NY Farms, a coalition of more than 150 organizations and family farms representing New York’s agriculture industry: “New York’s investment in the state’s agriculture industry through the 2022-23 state budget is unprecedented and the State’s agriculture leaders are appreciative of the overall strong support provided by the Governor and the Senate and Assembly leadership. New York’s diverse agriculture industry, a major economic driver in the state, is facing its greatest challenge by way of a pre-determined, 2-1 Wage Board decision. New York’s family farms cannot afford to lose their skilled workforce. They also recognize the tax credits included in the final Budget may help farms offset some of the significant increases in labor costs needed to compete in the marketplace and to retain and attract employees who are essential to local food production. It would also support efforts to continue donating milk and fresh food to critical programs like Nourish NY. Thanks to Governor Hochul, the Senate, and Assembly for their investments in the ag industry’s viability, infrastructure, and global competitiveness.”

New York Farm Bureau President David Fisher said, “New York Farm Bureau recognizes the significant investment the New York State Budget is making into agriculture across the state. The funding supports critical research, marketing and promotional programs that aim to grow our state’s diverse commodities. It provides resources to build on our positive record of environmental stewardship, expands the farm-to-school program to increase access of locally produced food for students, and looks to give farmers the tools they need to manage major challenges facing agriculture. This includes tax credits to help farms balance rising labor costs, workforce retention and investment needs. We are grateful to Gov. Hochul and the legislative agriculture committee chairs, Sen. Michelle Hinchey and Assembly Member Donna Lupardo, whose passion and tenacity secured record agricultural funding. The investment will support not only our farm families, but the greater New York economy and food system that we all depend on.”

Northeast Dairy Producers Association Chair John Dickinson said, “The Senate, Assembly, and the Governor’s investments in family dairy farms are critical to the stability and security of our state’s food supply. By supporting research and programs at Cornell University that inform best management practices and efficiencies on farms, we can continue providing nutritious milk and food to our neighbors while working to preserve our environment for generations to come. We welcome Governor Hochul and state leaders to our farms to discuss the need for continued investments in our workforce, infrastructure, and young farmers. These conversations are critical to the sustainability of our communities, school lunch programs, food banks, important programs like Nourish New York, and the future for farming in New York State.”

New York Apple Association President and CEO Cynthia Haskins said, “The New York Apple Association, representing over 600 apple growers, appreciates the funding support from New York State. From televising our newest commercials through traditional media to new media like social media, reaching consumers locally and nationally is essential to the New York apple industry. New York is the second-largest producer of apples in the country, and adapting programs that assist our growers is critical as we navigate the higher cost of labor, fuel, and supplies. Our growers play a critical role in making nutritious and safe food available for the underserved, schools, and consumers.”

New York State Vegetable Growers Association President Brian Reeves said, “New York’s vegetable industry serves consumers locally, regionally, and nationally. We must remain economically competitive with growers throughout our country and the world. The agriculture programs within the State Budget, including support to Cornell University for research on vegetable diseases and invasive pests, are essential for maintaining an economically competitive industry. Governor Hochul, the Assembly and Senate leadership, most notably Assemblymember Lupardo and Senator Hinchey, worked together to deliver a budget that funds a number of agricultural priorities. We are appreciative of their efforts.”

Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance President Danielle Penney-Stroop said, “The agribusiness community serves New York State farmers and we are appreciative of the leadership of Governor Hochul, the Senate and Assembly, particularly Agriculture Committee Chairs Michelle Hinchey and Donna Lupardo, for prioritizing agricultural programs in the State Budget.  Appropriately investing in our Land Grant University, our State agriculture schools, and the essential agricultural programs, will help our industry address some significant challenges that lie ahead.”

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More than 150 organizations representing New York’s agriculture industry, including the New York Apple Association, New York Association of Agricultural Educators, New York Farm Bureau, New York State Vegetable Growers Association, Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance, Northeast Dairy Producers Association, and other family farms and ag-related businesses, have joined the Grow NY Farms Coalition. Visit GrowNYFarms.com to learn more.