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New York Farm Bureau Legal Affairs

The New York Farm Bureau Legal Affairs Department works to provide quality services to our members by serving in a legal advocacy role in support of the Farm Bureau's member policy. While we cannot provide legal advice to individual members, we often become involved in cases that affect a significant Farm Bureau policy issue, the outcome of which will have a broad reaching potential for New York agriculture.

Legal Affairs also provides education to members and the agricultural community in the form of resource guides on legal topics, educational programming, and informative newsletters. In addition, Legal Affairs serves as in-house legal counsel for New York Farm Bureau. In that role, we provide legal advice and opinion to the State Board of Directors, the Foundation Board of Directors, and Division Managers. We maintain records related to corporate legal documents, work closely with all departments and file lobbyist reports and other compliance filings with both State and Federal governments.

The Legal Affairs Department provides a Legal Referral program, maintains a Legal Defense Fund, and offers legal guides on agricultural issues as part of the Legal Library.