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Business Issues

Fact Sheet:  New York's SHIELD Act - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet: Federal Emergency Paid Leave During COVID-19 Outbreak - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet: Paid Sick Leave During Corona Virus - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Property Maintenance Code in New York State - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Obligations Under the Americans with Disabilities Act for Business Websites - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Building Code Exemptions - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet: Farmer Food Donations - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Food Safety Modernization Act - Member Exclusive

NYS Agriculture and Markets 101 Webinar - Member Exclusive

Grant Writing 101 Webinar (2024) - Member Exclusive

Social Media and Video Tips for Farms (2024) - Member Exclusive

NYS Grown & Certified 101 Webinar (2023) - Member Exclusive

Farm Transition Webinar (2023) - Member Exclusive

Sales Training Webinar (2023) - Member Exclusive

Minimum Wage Increase: Effect on Ag

Broad Coalition Joins NYFB to Oppose CWA Expansion

Gov. Cuomo Signs Farm Cideries License Bill

NY Wine Trails Expanded

CAFO Threshold Change Templates - Member Exclusive

Minimum Wage Fact Sheet - Member Exclusive


Fact Sheet:  New York Labor Law:  Bartering - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet: Paid Family Leave in New York - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet: Home Processors - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Susquehanna Water Withdrawals - Member Exclusive