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Legal Resources

NYFB's Legal Department provides a wealth of information to members and offers educational conferences and a library of publications delving into legal issues that affect farming.


Brief Amicus Curiae of New York Farm Bureau, Et Al., in Support of Respondents and Affirmance in Happy the Elephant Case (May 18, 2022)

Lewis Family Farm v. APA

Protect Your Brand or Trademarks - Member Exclusive


Webinar:  Ag Immigration Law Basics:  Immigration Enforcement at the Worksite - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Hiring Practices and Farm Security in New York - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Inherent Risk in New York - Member Exclusive

Fact Sheet:  Syngenta GMO Corn Lawsuits and Their Effect on Farmers- Member Exclusive

Corn Seed Settlement Program Website - Member Exclusive

Agricultural Groups Ask Governor Cuomo to Defend Farms in Lawsuit

Campaign Against Employee Misclassification - Member Exclusive

NY WARN Act Regulations - Member Exclusive

Ag and Markets Circular 916: Animal Cruelty Laws - Member Exclusive

When Peace Officers Come to Your Farm - Member Exclusive

New York Agriculture Producers Guide to FOIA and FOIL - Member Exclusive