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Outstanding Promotion & Education Project Award


In order to recognize and implement a vehicle to share outstanding projects and activities throughout New York State, the Promotion & Education Committee sponsors this annual award.  The Outstanding Pro-Ed Project Award recognizes County Farm Bureaus for a special Pro-Ed project or activity during the current year.  This is a different kind of year, so your program may be a bit different, but still should be shared!

Remember to participate in this recognition program so that your ideas and successes may be shared with your partners in agriculture throughout New York State. 



Presented at the State Annual Meeting

An Excellence lapel pin for each core committee member.

A monetary award of $200.00 for the County Farm Bureau treasury.



Entry forms must be postmarked by October 31st.



1.       The project/activity must have been approved by the County Farm Bureau Board of Directors.

2.       The project/activity may include a specific county committee or multiple committees.  It may be a special program of the county Farm Bureau Board and/or it may include other groups outside of Farm Bureau such as FFA, Coop. Extension and etc.

3.       Applications must be approved by the County President and Pro-Ed Committee Chair.

4.       Project/activity must have taken place between August 20, 2020 and September 30, 2021.

5.       If a county wins this award, they may not apply again for the same project or activity.



2021 PE Award Application


Past Winner:

2020 Project Award Winner!